Watch now: how HR can create an optimistic environment where employees embrace the future of work

Type future of work into any search bar and you’re bound to be overwhelmed with results, desperate to predict the future. This can be confusing for business leaders looking for answers to the big questions.

But the truth is that the workplace is already being reinvented before our eyes, so the learning needs to happen now.

This webinar, in partnership with Culture Amp, will explore:

Work reinvented: take the future of work in your own hands

This ebook is so much better than any crystal ball or palm reading. It’ll cover big ideas, novel approaches and key leadership lessons from the past and present to guide the future of work and come up with some concrete answers to both employee and employer’s biggest questions.

Following five simple themes: who, what, how, where and when, business leaders will be inspired, excited and slightly less overwhelmed with how work has been reinvented.


Understanding the DEI landscape in 2022

Using Culture Amp’s employee experience data, the Workplace DEI report looks at trends in DEI leadership, how companies have responded to calls for racial justice and insight into how compliance-orientated DEI activities impact employee engagement.


How HR can plan its culture strategy in 2022 and beyond

We know the job market continues to be a challenge for HR right now, and as many employees consider jumping ship to a new opportunity, this handy guide looks at why employees leave and what can make them stay.


How HR can plan its culture strategy in 2022 and beyond

For teams looking to recruit and retain top talent, creating a culture plan is vital. This short guide explores the four steps for successful culture planning to help take the guesswork out of the process.

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